Sunday, February 13, 2011

Try Being Me

They say being in love is one of the greatest things
But you wouldn’t really know when you’ve only had flings
When people tell me there are other fish in the sea
I simply want to scream, “Try being me!”

I don’t have someone to simple adore
My Saturday nights always end up a bore
I don’t hear “I love you” or get goodnight kisses
Instead I lay in bed making wishes

Tall dark and handsome he doesn’t have to be
All he has to do is simply love me for me
I want sweet cards and silly texts
Not some guy who’s hollering, “Next!”

I may not be pretty; I’m awkward and shy
I just need someone willing to give it a try
If you take the time to know me, just wait and see
I promise you won’t want those other fish in the sea

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