Friday, August 20, 2010

Third Fourth

Momma comes from a family of four kids, Daddie a family of five.  Needless to say between the two, I have cousins.  Lots and lots of cousins.  Some I’ve known all my life and grew up with, others who I didn’t know existed until I met them.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “This is Johnny.  He’s you Nana’s cousin’s son’s nephew’s whatever.”  (You get my point.)  That being said, I know my third and fourth cousins.  In fact, I call two of my second cousins both Aunt because….well, I don’t really know why, but I’ve called them Aunt for 22 years so why stop now. 

Anyhow, my third cousin had her third baby last night and that means I have three fourth cousins now.  (Most people don’t know their second cousins, I know.  My family is weird.) 

Weston Carter 19 hours old

He isn’t mine, so I won’t show his whole face, but those lips!  Oh, good heavens, those lips.  He’s scrumptious!  There aren’t many things sweeter than a newborn and all that cuteness does not help the fact that I want a baby.  I need to find me a husband (and job!) ASAP so I can have me one some of these.

I wanted to take him home, but I’m 99.9% the police frown upon that and I don’t really want to be on the 10 o’clock news.  Classes start Monday.

I guess for now I’ll go work on finishing college so when I find said husband and have said babies, I can afford to feed them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I didn’t even know a TB existed (that wasn't Taco Bell).

I have a tape recorder for classes that I can record lectures and what not in class and then upload to my laptop and save as audio files. I figure this will take up a lot of space and I don’t want to loose any of them so I go an external hard drive today.

It’s been backing up files for about 45 minutes. So far we’re a little over 14.2 GB backed up and we haven’t even gotten to the pictures and video yet. Luckily there was a really good deal on one that holds 1 TB.

I’m on my third laptop since 2006 (the first two were given to me used, this is my first new one) and I lost A LOT of pictures that are somewhere on an jump drive, probably lost forever.

I tend to get a little snap happy when I get a camera in my hand and take pictures of myself. Not so much anymore since I pretty much only use my Rebel, but ONLY BECAUSE MY ARMS ARE TOO SHORT!

No, seriously. I wish I was lying when I say I have a folder named ‘Katie Shots’ that has over a thousand pictures of me holding the camera in front of my face and snapping away. Sad thing is that I’ll only like 5 or 6 out of the bunch and the others just sit in folders.

So, yeah. Got an external hard drive. Still backing up files after an hour and half later. That is all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday Night

Things I’ve done tonight:

  1. Watch Lost.  (I’m now up to the fifth season.)
  2. Cry and get mad because, um, it’s Lost.  It’s not supposed to make any sense whatsoever!
  3. Edit pictures of my dogs.
  4. Watch John Mayer on USTREAM.
  5. I wish I was lying.
  6. I’m not.  See?  Pictures of dogs…


Tallulah Fattie Pants


Ferry Ride 
Dying to catch Seagulls


Wannabe Cullen

Momma and Babe She’s grown so much!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I just realized it’s 08-09-10. Hah.

Lulu Two of my favorite loves; Tallulah and the beach.

Summer’s almost over so I took Lulu and Pink (Carlisle if Facebook is asking) to the beach.  Neither liked the water much, but I got some good pictures.  And my car only got stuck in the sand twice.  At least the timing belt didn’t blow like last time.

I’m so far behind on editing pictures, it’s ridiculous.  School starts the 23rd and I’m so excited!  If all goes according to plan, this time next year I’ll have my Associates Degree and can apply for nursing school.  Three short semesters and I’ll be LVN.  Then I can work for a bit and go back for my RN.

That’s only 5 semesters total.  FIVE.  SEMESTERS.