Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It’s Internet! That’s not on my phone!

Nothing bothers me more than to have my laptop, but not have Internet.  Especially since it’s been days.  Friday, in fact.


Why?  That’s what happens when one has been staying with their soon to be 86 year old great grandmother and getting rides from their grandmother because, well, because said person (that’d be me!) has a car that looks like this….




Anywho, I can log into my school account now which means that when I get here early, I can totally Facebook and do whatever I want on my laptop.  You know, that thing that has a screen way bigger than my iPhone.

Only thing that sucks is that I don’t sit by any outlets in my classes and my battery only lasts 2 hours.  I’m thinking this is a good thing though, because I’m much less tempted to use Facebook during class.  Or blog, like I may or may not be doing right now. 

So, yeah.  Government class.  How ‘bout them congressmen…


  1. Let me start out by saying this comment is just going to be somewhat weird. No getting round it. That settled. Moving on. I follow your mom's blog. On Saturday's I post an Inspirational Song blog. What that consists of is an inspirational song to me and then I pick one artist from the 80s that rocked MTV. I then dish on said artist. Most of the time I don't look anything up and rely on my unreliable memory. I lived through that. Why look it up? I am not presenting myself as an authority. Anyway... my inspirational song to me this past Saturday was 1985 by Bowling For Soup. Your mom left me this comment telling me how much she LOVED BFS and that I needed to check out these two blogs she had written. So I did. And... that is how I got here. How freaking awesome was that???? You not only went to the concerts? You met the guys? Hung out in a graveyard? And took awesome pictures? One of those pictures got you into a club that had a stupid 21 and older policy and you got to impress a boy? You are the cat's meow. I would have said something else, but it involved a curse word and I didn't want to make a bad first impression. That...and I am trying to stop cursing, which is harder than you would think. Anyway, it's been lovely to meet you, so to speak, and I am so jealous that there are no words. I might think of some later.

  2. Good song choice! One of my favorites! It's definetley an experience I'll never forget. I went again a fourth time the beginning of August, but my friend had to work early the next morning so I didn't get to see them again. The fact that they remembered me the last time though and told me they have the picture I gave them hanging up in their rehearsal room makes up for that! :)