Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello, Life.

You’ve been crazy lately. 

Cars have been wrecked. 

Jobs have ended and new ones have started. 

Family has been visited and friendships repaired. 

Quizzes have been taken and class schedules have been changed.

Yet there’s one thing that hasn’t changed.

I’m blessed, so blessed.

Blessed to have family that loves me.

Blessed to have friends that are there for me.

Blessed to have more than one place to call home.

Blessed.  Blessed.  Blessed.

Things may be chaotic and I may be trying to figure out how to balance is all, but I’m fine with that.

Things could be worse.  So much worse. From now on when things get stressful and I just want to throw up my hands and call it quits, I’ll remember this. 

I could be homeless.  Jobless.  Laid up in a hospital bed injured or worse.

Instead I have food on the table, money in the bank and a roof over my head. 

I’ve realized these past couple of weeks that’s all that matters.

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