Thursday, June 17, 2010


I had every intention of coming home last night, adding pictures and posting Alex’s letter.  However, that was before I attended a party for an 11 year old that consisted of two kids,  four family members and thirteen of his mother’s friends. 

I was so uncomfortable (and hot!  Outdoor parties and June don’t mix well in Texas.) that I drank a really big margarita.(I have a picture comparing it to the size of a seven year old’s head, but I’m pretty sure posting that picture would be illegal in all 50 states!)


 IMG_0586e Vodka+rum+tequila+Blue Curacao+Red Bull=YUM!


It blew my mind that a mother could do that to her own son; to last minute throw together a party at a restaurant he didn’t even like and invite more people for her than for him.  It was his birthday.  Not some excuse for you to invite all your friends and try to prove how good of a mother you are.

I really, really, really want to talk about the fact that only one person from her side of the family willingly talked to me and the only time my own sister talked to me was to ask me what kind of margarita I got, but I won’t. 

I’ve overheard once or twice that they don’t like me because I act like I’m better than them.  My thoughts?  Rude and trashy is still rude and trashy, regardless of how well you try and hide it.

I’ve probably said too much and anymore would be tacky.  Momma raised me better than that so I’ll shut my mouth for now.

All I can say is that I hope karma is one hell of a bitch!

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  1. That's right. You were raised better than that and thank goodness you realize it. Another thing, you'll never have wedding invitations begging for gifts either so I guess perhaps you are better than them. Seriously.