Thursday, November 11, 2010

I’m lazy today.

I got a new bed that’s really comfy and I can’t wait to go to sleep.  I couldn’t decide on a story from my childhood. I was telling my friend this story the other day, so without further ado, stolen from Momma, I bring you the first time I broke the law.

Katiebug's dad and I did not have the most amicable divorce. With that being said, while we were going through this nasty process, then presidential candidate Bill Clinton was going to be at what was at the time Chennault Air Force base in Lake Charles, Louisiana and my mom was taking my Grandma to see him. Well, I decided there may not be another time that Katiebug would be able to see someone involved in the presidential race in such an up close manner, so we decided to make it a four-generation field trip.

When you are in the process of getting a divorce and are under orders that neither party is to take the child out of the jurisdiction of the judge, this means you cannot leave the state with said child. (Oops - strike one.)

Lake Charles is about an hour, hour & a half from Beaumont. Katiebug was 4 at the time. Four-year old bladders are not prone to being able to hold it for very long as has been well-documented over time. At some point, we definitely had to find a way for her to "pay her water bill" so I located the little girls room and headed off in that direction...only to be stopped by a Secret Service agent telling us that the area where the restrooms were located were off limits and that she would have to wait until they had cleared the area. Now this agent must not have had a child or been around many children because as we all know, when they have to go THEY HAVE TO GO! When you have a four-year old little girl who's been potty-trained since 18 months dancing around about to lose her ever loving mind because she HAS TO GO it's funny how it can change a person's stance regarding protocol. With that said, little Miss Katiebug made it to the restroom and was able to do her business, after which we went back to our seats.

Now everyone around us were holding signs as you can imagine and Miss Katie Scarlett did NOT want to be left out. My mom and I looked around and finally found an 8x10 piece of what appeared to be part of another sign and made her a little sign to hold. She said she wanted it to say "Texans for Clinton" and she waved it and waved it like it was an American flag.

Remember how I said we weren't supposed to leave the jurisdiction of the judge? Well, guess what precious little 4-year old with the biggest red, white & blue hair bow you'd ever seen ended up all all three local news stations in Beaumont and CNN that night. Katiebug you say?...yep, you'd be right. (Oops - strike two.)

Thank goodness her father was a Clinton supporter at the time or else I might have been able to determine if orange really isn't my color as I've long suspected.

Luckily, the only other time I’ve been involved with the law has been because of speeding tickets. 

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