Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Week in Facebook Conversations…

Katie: It's like an off brand Toyota Corolla. Not bad. Wait. Off brand isn't what I meant. lol. It's like a sister car. Like Mercurys are the same as Fords.

Caity: ?!?!?! SINCE WHEN!! that's so weird. Lmao. I wish I had posted that in my Facebook status

Katie: A Mercury Mariner is the same as a Ford Escape. A Mercury Mountaineer is the same as a Ford Explorer.

Caity: Man i love Honda's though. I'll have to get a bumper sticker that says "Honda at Heart" and I'll put it on the hood of the car!

Katie: Did I blow your mind? lol

Caity: When don't you, lol

Katie: :)

Caity: If this is what it feels like to have a bj then DAMN GIRLLLL! lol weird I know

Katie: Ummmm. Hahaha. Bj?

Caity: I was mind bj’d

Katie: I don't get it. lol.

Caity: You BLEW my mind instead of my pen15....cuz I don't have

Katie: Bahahaha. Gotcha.


Katie B. ‎"She looks like she got drug to Jersey and hit over the head by a Snooki! WTF?" Hahaha! ♥

Caity: Lmao omg!!!! love inside jokes ;) I was really scared!!!

Katie: Lol.

Caity: And I’m quite sure I said “dragged”.

Katie: You probably did and my brain just heard drug. It has a mind of its own.

Caity: Lmao!!!!!! Lmao lmaomalfmalfmdlaknmdfa

Katie: Wow. Did I really just say my brain had a mind of its own?

Caity: Lmao yes you did!!!! Now I don't know which quote is funniest!!!

Stephanie: Why would anyone want to be an orange crayon?


Please please please let me find a car by Friday.

KARAOKE tomorrow at Madison’s! I hope I see you there!

Katie: Hey, guess what?

Katie: You suck at multi tasking.

Caity: I just didn’t want my comment thing to be a convo just you and I!

Katie: Lol. It doesn’t have to be. I was just going to be cute and say you’ll see me but you ruined it. Way to go. Go ahead and delete all these now!

Caity: Lmao. I ♥ you @Katie. I can’t WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!!!

Stephanie: What cars are you looking at?

Tony: What’s the price range?

Caity: It’s free tomorrow!! Omg I would love it if you came.

Katie: I think they were talking about cars, love. Bahaha.

Caity: Oh.


I think I’m going to start introducing myself as @Katie and actually say the @.

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