Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All About the Liver

It’s been a long, tiring, stressful past few days.  A lot has been going on and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! 

Friday morning I got a text from Momma.  I half read it, as I was still asleep on Daddie’s couch when I got it.  About 10 minutes later what I had read sunk in.  I’m pretty sure I gave Daddie a heart attack when I sprang up and said, “Liver!  Liver!  Did that say liver?  I think that said liver!  I think he got himself a liver!  Oh my God, it said liver!  HE GOT A FREAKING LIVER!” 

Turns out, Papa got himself a nice new liver and he and Nana were headed to the hospital!  Momma came and got my after work where the next 19 hours were spent sitting in an ICU waiting room dodging horrendous kids, keeping our butts from falling asleep, and wondering why the hospital Wi-Fi would block Facebook. 

Okay, so maybe it was just me wondering why they blocked Facebook.  But seriously.  Only jerks block Facebook!  Life saving jerks, but jerks nonetheless.  Had I not had it on my phone, It would’ve been a lot harder to keep people updated.

IMG_0800 I blame it on the Pibb.

I told Sissy, my half sister, what was going on and her response was, “Wow.  He was only on the list for 5 weeks?  That was quick!  It just means he’ll live though.  God wouldn’t have given him a liver so soon if it meant he was going to die.  That’d just be a waste of a live on God’s part and God isn’t wasteful.”  To be 15 again.

Momma tells the story in more detail and has interesting facts that are good to know.  As of this evening, he's doing well. While he was on bypass during the surgery though, his kidneys messed up a bit and were starting to fail afterwards. They caught it early enough though and he had dialysis. The doctor said he should only have to be on dialysis for a few more days before his kidneys start function on their own again and he can be taken out of ICU and put in a room. They had to put him back on the vent and he's having to be restrained because when he wakes up, he doesn't like the vent and tries to pull it out. That kind of makes me sad, but they said he should be off in the next day or so. His liver is producing factor VIII on its own now and besides not having cancer anymore, that part is pretty cool, too! It was a minor setback, but considering all he's been through the doctors say he's doing wonderfully!

And now, here’s a picture of puppies to make you feel better!


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